I Ate $100,000 Golden Ice Cream



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    I cant believe how insane that ice cream looked at the end
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    1. MrBeast

      I love all of you :)

      1. POLO FLAMA TV

        You are the best 🤩🤩🤩🤩

      2. Da KAYLA


      3. Cameron


      4. Djdave 347

        We love you too

    2. Game Central

      You should make a vid with the dude that planks everyday for you to respond to him

    3. Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

      Chris's accent is the best thing ever!

    4. Gabriel Acuna

      Hey can you please do a challenge that you have to spend 24 hours in a pillow fort

    5. Christina Ball

      Its crazy how much the meas costs

    6. Raebert


    7. Hannah Jalepno

      I have one thing to say: I LOVE MUSHROOMS!! ok bye

    8. Marva bryant

      hell yeah I’ll eat that

    9. Martin Bonifacini

      Imagine the food was bad..

    10. Alexander Perez

      Yes the hunter x hunter jacket gon killua hisoka

    11. MMSisterArt

      9:54 "iT's a lOaDed bAkEd pOtAto!"

    12. Noah Necerato


    13. Batman 11

      Chris transformed into Charlie Brown

    14. Cool Kids Federico

      Sorry it was a dare!! I love mr beast it’s awsome!!!!!

    15. Cassidy Broughten

      huh... how come the waiter at 3:37 and 10:56 look exactly the same, with the same voice?? Very sus MrBeast.

    16. XxLoopermanxX

      i think they should do it blind folded with 2 dishes, a cheap and an expensive one placibo is at affect here

    17. FIFO Crew

      Thanks for the lesson on how to get completely ripped off.

    18. Luis Bird 2

      Me eating my $30 lamb steak while watching this vid: 👁👄👁

    19. Monika Aviles

      Im so happy that you give people money

    20. Spencer Hubler

      Why would anyone get mad at you for spending your own money? Don’t apologize beast

    21. Cool Kids Federico

      Oh gosh it looks grose but when I try to eat one of those it good liek I mean the food that looks grose tasts bad but the food that’s looks bad taste yummy 😋. It’s so weird

    22. Jester X

      Bring moisture boi back

    23. Renée Mann

      I’m subscribed to 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

    24. kidgamer xxl

      I'm random and I subscribed 😒🤭👇👆

    25. Garet Weinkein

      He just spent more money on ICECREAM than you and me will ever make

    26. eye

      the comments coming every second

    27. Katie Chiaravalloti

      If I was there for the ice cream I cannot event eat I’d be screaming because I am dairy intolerant

    28. Daniel Siri

      I bet you after making this vedio, Mr Beast weighed 20 more pounds than before. . .

    29. Nicholas Lau

      I’m going to die knowing I’ll never try any of this

    30. Alia Syifa

      I challenge you to buy the most expensive car in the world or just in country.

    31. Olskool Ty

      Awe man that ice cream 😁😇 i wish ⭐

    32. Sina Ghadimi

      Only Mr beast can make me to don’t feel uncomfortable when someone is spending money that I need to work for 10 years to make👑 thank you Mr beast👑

    33. Peres Cangi

      Mr beast president

    34. sweetiemay

      jimmy’s sh*t after this: ✨✨✨

    35. enirboreH X

      Now i really want ice cream

    36. samuel cook

      Everything loooked great

    37. Primitive konpove

      your videos is so great because you always help people i love my idol

    38. Jcdoge Mozambique here

      This looks amazing Mr bees must have a insane amount of money and yet he spends it kindly but there is no way you didn’t take a bite of that ice cream

    39. Gamer Dog

      I bet this food is tasty

    40. Agolf

      this man is now literally made of gold and shitting gold

    41. namelmao


    42. Jonas Majer

      Wo sind meine Deutschen ???

    43. Monika Aviles

      I love you too MrBeast and monica stold my name wow

    44. yea totally not aVa

      stup ur making meee hungryyy

    45. DarK RifteX

      9:31 Jimmy’s reaction

    46. SkyClear

      This title.....I feel lied to. Mr. Beast didn’t eat the ice cream 😨🥺

    47. Anderson Sam

      Love what you do 🇹🇹💞😘

    48. GENTLE D

      Mr Beast for president x Joe is a Fool

    49. ChickenAndDuckz

      Chandler growing out that beard sheeeshhhhh 👀💀

    50. Fake Name

      black skinned chicken ? "very rare chicken" WHAT?! HAHA

    51. Box Beats

      Challenge: be blind folded for 24 hour's

    52. That Jax Guy

      So the ice cream you just ate is actually poisoned find the antidote in this $500k bowl of ice from Antarctica

    53. Schizskai Rentio

      *eats the same food that costs a few bucks* i guess im from different dimension

    54. Juan STCH

      Can u eat a golden ingot? And then see what happens

    55. Abby Tache


      1. Mr.Santini

        ... to me

    56. Mr meme memes

      Jesus that must be some really good ice cream

    57. AZ

      Jimmy is exactly what this world needs. Thank God for him.

    58. Mr. Gator

      Imagine being gifted by MrBeast himself, that would be a blessing 😭

    59. Kevin Kane

      Boss definitely sent him out with that “19 thousand dollar sauce” lol

    60. Thecrippled Pancake

      How the fuck does he afford all this????????? I’m serious.

    61. Wild Tales Of An American Jungle Boy

      I’m subscribed, but I’m in my 40s so I doubt I’ll ever get picked...

    62. Sophia Ligtelyn


    63. casper4231

      I am from Norway

    64. webbos

      6:23 yes we’re in

    65. Aggressive Alpaca

      Jimmy’s face when the chef pulls out the sauce😂🤣

    66. Christina Ball

      Love you to man love all you guys

    67. Mark Gutierrez

      That amount of things we could have done with that money.

    68. Kingdom Of Roses

      Who can support my channel??

    69. Strawberry :D

      oh my gosh the man talking about how when Beast gave him money and he was able to get his life back together after losing his job bc of corona warmed my heart so much

    70. Roll The clip


    71. Anne Dong

      Yeah I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say if he ate this stuff...

    72. the carrot god


    73. Slugterra RaZe

      I need view please

    74. Hristina Đukić

      World: When pp have a lot of mony they become evel Mr. Beast: ok in todeys vidio we donate poor pupis food. (Nexst day) Ok, we Plant 20000000 treas Evel Mony: maybe i am a good

    75. jie li

      we are tested some foods Contaminated corona virus! im just warning u be careful your foods!

    76. _h2o_ _

      Just me who hates to see these videos bc you know you never can be in them and get something

    77. Arman Arif

      I really wished I lived in the US just to have a chance to interact with Mr. Beast. So people in the US, you got lucky.

    78. Dabi

      This man really just ate my house

    79. Mason F

      I bet it’s good

    80. Sylstaer

      Okay but why is it so expensive?

    81. jordan pardo

      jokes on you i dont have a dog ;-;

    82. bo


    83. Mway Yungy

      Idk if there food is that expensive

    84. Patrick Khvan

      50 000 000 SUBSCRIBERS

    85. زينب محمد احمد الشامى


    86. Wolffang731

      This just makes me think of that 4th icecream flavor KND episode.

    87. Carl Weezer

      Where is chandler? Haven’t seen him in a while

    88. Asher Mawhiney

      More random subscribers


      Why do you make me feel poor

    90. Fotis Von

      that chef was so happy to see mr beast that he could barely speak. awwwww

    91. Abe Hirzihamizan

      Mr always on tranding nowaday. Every time he post he will be on tranding lol, ANYWAY I always love watching u mr beast\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

    92. Yazer vlogs


    93. Jayden G

      unlimited money

    94. Edward Smith

      “this. was. amazing.” *leaves 4/5 of 5000 dollar dish in bowl*

    95. Mahdyy Bettayeeb

      5:44 i guess that you forget to edit this one 😂😂😂

    96. Ileza Carmela

      Brian freez

    97. jabaree haith

      He’s been saying creative videos coming idk bout that lol

    98. Mujahid Munawwar

      I liked the way jimmy sacrificed his own seats... He is generous....

    99. Rednalik

      who else is eating while watching this

    100. Hi Hi